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Our ability to deliver


Katalyst Group takes a proactive approach to offshore manufacturing.
During the challenging times of COVID-19, we have adapted and developed systems to perform our critical QA/QC inspection processes in order to maintain our high standard of efficiency and quality.

Warehousing, delivery, placement and installation

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We are a dynamic and flexible company that is available to service any location within Australia.
As our company grows, we expand our network.
We have teamed up with trusted logistics, warehousing, delivery, placement/
installation teams, and provide an experienced on-site foreman to oversee the entire process, along with our team of expert, diverse project managers.

Aftersales service and warranties


We believe the key to success is the relationship between the supplier and
Our highest priority is to provide a service that gives a sense of comfort and
assurity to the end-user.
We back our products with extended warranties and our dedicated customer
support team.

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